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We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service. Here are the people working for you every day to repair your vehicle.

Josh has lived Dayton, Ohio his whole life. He was raised fully immersed in Dayton's rich history of hot rods and car culture. (See above- already climbing in and turning a wrench at 3 years old.)
Josh is also a massive Bengals fan. Football has always been a huge part of Josh's life. In his teenage and young adult years, he played football, baseball, and BMX. He went on to be a professional BMX rider from 2002-2007. Recently, Josh played in the Miamisburg-West Carrollton Alumni Football Game at WCHS (where he realized playing football in your 30's is not quite the same as when you were a teen! )
Josh is fulfilling his life-long dream of owning a small-town auto shop to service his community. Crafton Auto Care stands out from the competition because of Josh's commitment to transparency, honesty, and integrity. Josh doesn't just want to fix your car when it breaks, he wants to help you manage, understand, and maintain your vehicle, keep your family safe on the road, while remaining the most affordable option by far. He and his wife, Sara, look forward to getting to know you.

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